June 5, 2023
  • 3:43 am Hong Kong Art & Culture Expo 2023
  • 7:33 am Panama concludes update of the General Merchant Marine Law
  • 3:27 am Director General of Merchant Marine Visit to Hong Kong
  • 6:46 am ¡TU VOZ ES TU VOTO!
  • 8:27 am FEATURED STORY ON 𝗕𝗢𝗗𝗪 𝗖𝗶𝘁𝘆𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗴設計營商周城區活動
Hong Kong

Registration Fee (USD)

Registration Tax

1-2,000 GRT$500.00 USD
2,001-5,000 GRT$2,000 USD
5,001-15,000 GRT$3,000 USD
Over 15,000 GRT $3,000 + 0.1/GRT (Maximum $6,500 USD

Annual Tax = $0.10 USD Per Net Tonnage

Annual Consular Tax

Passengers, fishing vessel, dredges, ferry boats, drilling vessels, cargo, tankers and tugs

Up to 1,000 GRT$1,200 USD
Over 1,000 GRT up to 3,000 GRT$1,800 USD
Over 3,000 GRT up to 5,000 GRT$2,000 USD
Over 5,000 GRT up to 15,000 GRT$2,700 USD
Over 15,000 GRT$3,000 USD

Vessels without self-propulsion and engaged in scientific investigation, in supplying, submarines, crew boats, floating docks and in non-profitable activities

Up to 500 GRT$850 USD
Over 500 up to 1,000 GRT$1,400 USD
Over 1,000 GRT$1,800 USD

Vessels engaged in sport activities for private use without profitable purposes

Up to 100 GRT$1,000 USD
Over 100 GRT$1,500 USD

Annual Inspection Tax


Up to 1,600 GRT$900 USD
Over 1,600 GRT$1,800 USD

Tankers and Cargo

Up to 500 GRT$500 USD
Over 500 GRT up to 1,600 GRT$750 USD
Over 1,600 GRT up to 5,000 GRT$850 USD
Over 5,000 GRT up to 15,000 GRT$1,000 USD
Over 15,000 GRT$1,200 USD

Pleasure or private use without profitabel purposes

All$400 USD

Drilling vessels

$1,300 USD

Any other type of vessels not contemplated in the foregoing paragraphs

Up to 500 GRT
$500 USD
Over 500 GRT up to 5,000 GRT$800 USD
Over 5,000 GRT$1,000 USD

Annual Tax for Accidents Investigation and participating in the administration of international conferences and treaties

Tankers, drilling barges, passengers vessels, gas carriers and vessels carrying chemical products

$850 USD

Other type of vessel not specified in the foregoing paragraph

Up to 500 GRT
$300 USD
Over 500 GRT up to 10,000 GRT$400 USD
Over 10,000 GRT$500 USD

$0.03 USD per net tonnage