October 1, 2022
  • 4:21 am Interview with The Hong Kong Maritime Hub for The Port of Hong Kong Handbook & Directory 2022
  • 6:59 am It’s Time to Plan your Trip to Panama
  • 6:26 am New provisions for the Visa of Passengers or Crew in Transit, to Cuban citizens.
  • 6:06 am Belt & Road National Art & Culture Expo Incorporating The 4th Hong Kong International Arts & Collectibles Expo
  • 7:03 am The Panama Ship Registry has grown 9.6% since 2019
Hong Kong

Passport Information

NEW! Panamanian E-Passport

From 2014 onwards the e-passport has replaced former Panama passports issued by the Passport Authority of Panama (Autoridad de Pasaportes de Panamá). The e-passport uses modern technologies offering high standards of security such as an anti-fraud device, polycarbonate sheet and computer chip containing the data of its holder and of the issuing authority.

The Panamanian Passport

The Panamanian passport is valid for a period of five (5) years and it is an official document for both; travel and identification issued by The Passport Authority of Panama (Autoridad de Pasaportes de Panamá).

After handing the application at our Consulate and all payments has been received, it will be sent to The Passport Authority of Panama for issuance and sent back to our Consulate once completed.

Processing time to issue a passport

The processing time may take around six (6) to eight (8) weeks.

NOTE: Take into consideration the following for the processing time:
Roundtrip delivery (HKG-PTY-HKG): the evaluation and verification process made by The Passport Department for Panamanians abroad plus the processing and issuance time of the passport.

What types of passport?

Ordinary:  32 pages   

To find out more information about the requirements to apply for a passport, hover your mouse on the menu for dropdowns menu.