February 25, 2020
  • 5:41 pm First steps for collaboration and exchange with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • 5:39 pm Helicopter Tour
  • 4:20 am Sharing with other countries of the Americas’ Consuls at the Cocktail Reception hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council on June 18
  • 12:42 am The Panama Maritime Authority awarded at the “Hellenic Maritime Center Award” in Greece!!
Hong Kong

Seafarer’s License

Obtaining a Panamanian Seafarer’s License is a quick and simple process, which begins by:

  • Contacting The Consulate General of Panama in Hong Kong at crew@panamaconsulatehk.com
  • Duly accomplished application form and attached all the required supporting documents.
  • The issuance of endorsement of a Transitional Certificate allows officers and ratings to work on board a Panamanian vessel for a period no longer than 90 days with the same capacity, function, level, limitations and validity of the home country license.
  • Home country license must have been issued by the Maritime Authority of a country within the “White List” published by the International Maritime Organization.
  • Within three months, the permanent certificate will be issued, through our Regional Panama Maritime Authority Office.
  • The Panama Maritime Authority, through the Directorate General of Seafarers (DGGM), notifies that as of November 1st 2001, Panamanian merchant marine offices only accept applications for Title Endorsement under STCW 95 regulations.