October 1, 2022
  • 4:21 am Interview with The Hong Kong Maritime Hub for The Port of Hong Kong Handbook & Directory 2022
  • 6:59 am It’s Time to Plan your Trip to Panama
  • 6:26 am New provisions for the Visa of Passengers or Crew in Transit, to Cuban citizens.
  • 6:06 am Belt & Road National Art & Culture Expo Incorporating The 4th Hong Kong International Arts & Collectibles Expo
  • 7:03 am The Panama Ship Registry has grown 9.6% since 2019
Hong Kong

Panama Offshore

Benefits and Advantages

  • No obligation to pay income tax when its income is obtained from a source outside Panama.
  • Minimum number of members is only one. Members may be Panamanians or Foreign individuals and may even be Panamanian or foreign corporations
  • Minimum number of Directors and Officers is three and they may be a Corporation or Individual persons.
  • No nationality or residence requirement for the Panamanian corporations’ Directors and Dignitaries
  • Corporate assets or capital of a Panamanian corporation may be kept outside Panama
  • No Tax on any transactions or business activities processed outside Panama.
  • Registered Agent, who by law must be a Panama Law Firm, is compulsory, but registered office is not.
  • Members/ Board of Directors Meetings may be held anywhere in the world and no periodic meetings are required by law.