February 25, 2020
  • 5:41 pm First steps for collaboration and exchange with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • 5:39 pm Helicopter Tour
  • 4:20 am Sharing with other countries of the Americas’ Consuls at the Cocktail Reception hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council on June 18
  • 12:42 am The Panama Maritime Authority awarded at the “Hellenic Maritime Center Award” in Greece!!
Hong Kong

Maritime Services

The Consulate General of Panama in Hong Kong is authorized by the Panama Maritime Authority, an autonomous entity of the Panamanian Government, to process all maritime services and documentations; mainly to promote the Panamanian Flag.
Maritime services include:

  • Ship Registration
  • Seafarer’s Licenses
  • Ship’s Mortgage Registration
  • Ship’s Title Registration
  • Radio Licenses
  • Navigation Patente
  • Bunker CLC
  • WRC
  • MSMC
  • ITC
  • ISSC
  • CSR
  • Oil Record Books
  • Official Log Books
  • Crew Log Books
  • Maritime Certifications
  • Endorsement of Documents

The Panamanian ships registration incorporates national ships, foreign ships without making distinction; as long as they comply with the requirements established by Law.

Today the Republic of Panama has a global recognition by having the largest ships registry and complying with all International quality assurance policies.

We look forward to welcome you aboard in the near future.

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