June 5, 2023
  • 3:43 am Hong Kong Art & Culture Expo 2023
  • 7:33 am Panama concludes update of the General Merchant Marine Law
  • 3:27 am Director General of Merchant Marine Visit to Hong Kong
  • 6:46 am 隆TU VOZ ES TU VOTO!
  • 8:27 am FEATURED STORY ON 饾棔饾棦饾棗饾棯 饾棖饾椂饾榿饾槅饾棧饾椏饾椉饾棿瑷▓鐕熷晢鍛ㄥ煄鍗娲诲嫊
Hong Kong

Countries That Require stamped Visa to Enter Panama

CameroonPeople’s Republic of China
Central African Republic Philippines
CubaRepublic of the Congo
Dominican Republic Republic of Togo
Ghana Republic of India
HKSAR Document of Identity (HK DI) Swaziland
Macau (SAR) Venezuela

Requirements (鎵嬬簩涓タ鏂囩増)

  • Appointment confirmation letter (make appointment HERE) only for Cuba, Dominican Republic, People’s Republic of China, Republic of India and Venezuela passport holders.
  • Applicant must present the documents personally
  • Completed visa application form
  • Photocopy of the entire passport (including cover and all blank pages) with at least 6 months validity
  • Valid Macau or Mainland China Resident Identity Card or Hong Kong Identity Card**
  • Travel itinerary or electronic ticket
  • Hotel reservation, if applicable
  • Three (3) passport sized photos
  • Proof of economic solvency with at least US$500, which can be one of the following, when the currency on the solvency is not in US dollars or Balboas, this needs to be converted by the competent entity such as your bank:
  1. Bank draft with applicant’s name (notarised)
  2. Latest 3-month bank statement (notarised)
  3. Employment letter with latest payment slip showing company header and chop
  4. If you are retired: document that shows the pension or retirement proof of payment (notarised)
  5. If you are economically dependent: letter of responsibility, certificate verifying kinship and economic solvency of the sponsorship (authenticated and notarised)
  6. Any other document that may prove your income and that is acceptable by Panama National Immigration Service
  • Invitation letter, if applicable

(a) If you have a personal invitation letter from a temporal or permanent resident in Panama or a Panamanian national, please submit also the following documents:

  1. Notarised and authenticated copy of Panamanian’s identity card.
  2. Notarised and authenticated copy of the Passport if foreigner.
  3. Payment receipt of any public service in Panama, stating the address of the responsible person
  4. Proof of economic solvency that can be one of the following:
    • Bank certification or bank statement for the last month that reflects an available balance of no less than four digits number.
    • Income statement showing good standing.
    • Work certification with last salary receipt or independent work accreditation, in case of being an employee of a public or private entity and it must meet an income of not less than one thousand balboas (B/.1,000.00) per month.

(b) If you have an invitation letter issued by a private company in Panama, please submit also the following documents:

  1. Certification of the Public Registry Certificaci贸n del Registro P煤blico
  2. Copy of the Notice of Operations Copia del Aviso de Operaciones
  3. Copy of the operating code of the Colon Free Zone (if applicable) Copia de la clave de operaci贸n de la Zona Libre de Colon (si procede)
  4. Copy of receipt of payment for the provision of public services where the location of the company responsible is recorded Copia de recibo de pago por la prestaci贸n de servicios p煤blicos donde conste la ubicaci贸n de la empresa responsable
  5. Bank certification / income estatement showing good standing / work letter with the last filed Social Security Fund in the case of natural persons Certificaci贸n bancario / declaraci贸n de renta con su paz y salvo / carta de trabajo con 煤ltima ficha de la Caja de Seguro Social en el caso de personas naturales

In the case of underage applicants (under 18 years old) below additional documents needs to be provided by one of their parents or legal guardian:

  1. Birth Certificate (notarised)
  2. Authorisation letter to leave the country detailing the term of the visit and the person who will be responsible during the minor stay in Panama (Authenticated by Notary Public in Panama or by Panama Embassy/Consulate) if:
    • The minor will only travel with one of the progenitors
    • The minor will travel alone or with a 3rd party person (include the Passport and identity card of accompany person)
  3. Both parents Identity Card and Passport
  4. Economic solvency to proof the financial support to cover the expenses of the minor and/or accompany person
  5. School Certificate that indicates the major and vacation period, if not travelling during vacation time, must include the time that was granted to travel (notarised), if applicable


  • Please submit Original and a set of A4 sized photocopy of all the documents.
  • The聽passport must have one entire blank page to issue the visa.
  • **With the exception of the passport,聽ALL documents needs to be translated into Spanish, including the Identity Card by a聽certified聽institute/person, translations done online or programs (Google Translate,聽etc.) will not be accepted.
  • Holder’s of People’s Republic of China Passports will need to apply for their visa at the Embassy of Panama in Beijing or the Consulate in Shanghai or Guangzhou, unless residing in Hong Kong SAR with a valid HKSAR ID Card.
  • This Consulate has the right to ask for additional information or reject any application if deemed necessary.